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The 7 Website Game Changers Video

  • The 3 big website mistakes and how to avoid them
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  • Essential tips for selling business to business online
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Chris Cardell’s 7 Part ‘Entrepreneur Millionaire’ Video Programme

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  • The Millionaire Mindset – What sets successful business owners apart from the rest
  • Advanced Marketing Strategies to accelerate your business growth
  • How to use the power of Email marketing effectively
  • How to get customers for Free
  • How to deal with resistance and criticism when growing a business
  • How to increase your prices without losing customers
  • The 7 most effective strategies to increase your profits by 50% to 25%
  • ...and much more
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Chris Cardell is a leading authority on Marketing and trusted advisor to 300,000 business owners who receive his marketing advice online every week. Chris has been working with Entrepreneurs in the UK for two decades and has been featured on BBC, ITV, News at Ten and The Sunday Times.

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